We Transform Travel Experiences

What We Do

We bring you the essence of  the mystical land Bhutan Himalayas through one of our sacred journeys, exploring the inner landscape of your mind with the outer physical spaces.

We are committed to carefully crafted, small-group tours led by passionate and specialized tour/retreat leaders.

On a journey with Samsara Asia, you will:

  • Explore some of the most sacred land and events of the Himalayas with ancient fortresses, temples, ruins and festivals unique to Bhutanese history, art and architecture.
  • Hikes through magnificient mountain summits and medieval hamlets and feel the pulse of the place and its indigenous people.
  • Experience the wild side of Bhutan through tales of yetis, sights of the elusive snow leopards, perhaps and a glimpse of its rarest wild flowers and rejuvenate with the highly prized fungus-caterpillar.
  • Bear witness to Gross National Happiness, Bhutan’s indigenous development philosophy fast becoming a global agenda.
  • Stay at a range of exclusive high-end resorts like the luxurious Aman Kora or cozy village home stays savouring lcoal cuisines.
  • Finally, contemplate, destress, disconnect and reconnet, find the balance and mindfully traverse the sacred landscape with like minded fellow travelers.

Why Journey With Us


  • You want to destress, disconnect and re-connect with that inner stillness in you.
  • You love to connect with the spirit of the land, its people, culutre, music, food and art.
  • You want to travel with like-minded people.
  • Adventure into new spiritual experiences and mysteries of the sacred places healing practices.


  • We believe you want to see the world from another point of view, from another level of consciousness and transcend your frame of mind from the daily stresses and strains of life.
  • We believe, traveling is a process (hardly ever a destination).
  • We believe we can handcraft itineraries that are sensory retreats rather than vacations to create a lifetime of memories.