Interesting facts about Bhutan

  • All Bhutanese become one year older on Lunar New Year usually around February. No one here misses anyone’s birthday!
  • The concept of surnames does not exist. A Buddhist lama (learned one) gives each a name at birth, and about two dozen Bhutanese names are recycled and reused.
  • Polyandry (noun) ˈ/pɒlɪandri/’ is a practice where a woman has more than one husband. In the mountainous nomadic communities of Bhutan, one woman may be married to more than one brother for reasons beyond the human affectation.
  • Traditionally, night hunting is the urban equivalent of dating where the boy sneaks into the girl’s home at night, sometimes ending up into the wrong bed as the family sleeps in one large room.
  • Sky burial is one form of funeral where the body (usually of an infant) is fed to carrions (usually vultures) in one final act of generosity and to sever the ties of the consciousness from the body, as it is considered now an empty vessel.
  • Those erect penises on houses are painted or hung to ward off evil spirits and bring fertility to the family. But it goes deeper than that in the philosophies of Buddhism (no pun intended).
  • In an age of climate change, Bhutan is carbon negative meaning it absorbs more CO2 than it produces.
  • A bizarre looking caterpillar fungus (Cordycep sinensis) that grows among the high altitude meadows fetches as high as USD 25000 per kilogram. And yes, it is an aphrodisiac!