Mindful Self Compassion Retreat (MSC): Bhutan 2018

Kristy Arbon of HeartWorks Training partners with Saṃsāra Asia tours to offer the first Mindful Self-Compassion Tour in Bhutan.This small group tour will blend the entire Mindful Self-Compassion program will blend with a cultural tour of beautiful and mystical Bhutan.

In this study and practice adventure, you will:
• Practice mindfulness and self-compassion daily;
• Learn how to handle difficult emotions with greater ease;
• Learn how to motivate yourself with kindness rather than criticism;
• Learn how to uncover your core values and courageously live more in
alignment with them;
• Learn how to transform challenging relationships, old and new;
• Practice the art of savoring, gratitude and self-appreciation;
• Be able to teach simple self-compassion practices to others.

MSC is an experiential journey — an adventure in self-discovery and selfkindness
– offering periods of instruction and periods of practice seamlessly
interwoven with our cultural tour of Bhutan. We’ll spend approximately 2 hours
per day studying and practicing self-compassion, and our practice will help inform
our cultural experience. Self-Compassion can be learned by anyone, even those
of us who did not learn these skills as children. This program fulfills a prerequisite
for becoming a MSC teacher.

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