Self-Compassion Journey Bhutan 2019

A study and practice exploration of Somatic Self-Compassion, Secular Buddhism and Bhutanese Culture

September 28 to October 7 2019

This small group tour will blend Somatic Self-Compassion and secular Buddhist training with a cultural tour of beautiful Bhutan. Group members will be supported by daily self-compassion practices, as they explore some of the country’s most beautiful sites around Paro, Thimphu and Punakha.

We’ll travel together with a Bhutanese cultural guide and driver in a bus dedicated to our group. We’ll spend 3-4 days based in hotels in each of the Paro, Thimphu and Punakha areas. As this is a self-compassion journey, we’ll be encouraged every day to tune in to how we are feeling and what we need, and to support each other in tending to our needs. We have the flexibility to support individual and group needs, and can make adaptations where needed.

Our journey will actually encompass three journeys:

  • a 4-week online introduction to the work (Motivating Self-Compassion),
  • our time in Bhutan to deepen our study and practice (Developing Somatic Self-Compassion), and
  • another 4-week online connection after our time in country to consolidate our practice (Practicing Through Connecting).

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