Soul of the Sacred: Bhutan Yoga Retreat 2017

Soul of the Sacred

Bhutan Yoga Retreat

564c47c526e1dc3041f814d0c0375c85Fall 2017: September 21st to 30th 2017 and Spring 2018: May 5th to 15th 2017

  • Mindful walks through enchanted old growth native forests leading to sacred abodes of ancient saints
  • Daily yoga and meditation classes on mountain tops, river banks, grassy meadows, and prayer rooms, courtyards and many more vistas
  • Glimpse into the culture, lifestyle and history of Bhutan
  • Find that inner stillness while treading ancient paths to some of the most sacredplaces on earth.
  • Soak the inner and physical weariness in a medicinal hot stone bath while savoringauthentic Bhutanese cuisine.
  • Indulge in the colours of wild rhododendrons and alpine flowers as we drive across the sacred landscape
  • For more information download a sample schedule brochure4